NAVIGATOR Patient Support

The NAVIGATOR Patient Support program is a resource to help guide patients through the process of obtaining and paying for molecular testing.

The NAVIGATOR team will help provide benefits analysis and investigation, explain the available financial support options, and address any questions about Interpace Diagnostics tests and services.

Contact the NAVIGATOR team to start understanding how Interpace Diagnostics can help.

Phone: 866.316.0020 (Phone support is available in over 170 languages)

COMPASS* Financial Assistance

At Interpace Diagnostics, we are committed to providing patients with access to personalized medicine, regardless of their personal financial situation.

Since coverage differs by insurance plan, Interpace Diagnostics offers the COMPASS Financial Assistance program, which provides needs-based financial assistance and payment plans. Accounting for factors such as income and family unit size, Interpace Diagnostics implements tailored financial assistance solutions. Tiered discounts are based on guidelines provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services and can be as much as 100% of the amount due.

All tests provided by Interpace Diagnostics are covered by the COMPASS Program.

Phone: 866.316.0020 (Phone support is available in over 170 languages)

Compass Downloads

Brochure  Application (English)  Application (Spanish)

*COMPASS is not available to patients covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or any other government program, or where the program is restricted or prohibited by contractual obligation, or federal or state law. COMPASS is only available to patients within the United States.

Payment Plans

Interest-free payment plans are available to all patients unable to pay their full balance by the due date.

Understand Your Rights

There are rules to help protect people from surprise medical bills and payment disputes. Learn More.