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PancraGEN® and Fluid Chemistry Tests for Amylase, CEA, and Glucose Continue to be Available

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Interpace Diagnostics

Interpace Diagnostics leverages the latest technology to develop and commercialize novel molecular diagnostic tests. Our tests are designed to detect genetic alterations that are associated with gastrointestinal, endocrine and lung cancer existence or risk, which are principally focused on early detection and identification of high potential progression to cancer.

Identify the Best Course of Treatment

Our tests assist healthcare providers in distinguishing between patients at risk for progression to cancer versus non-progressions. Thus, as part of a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment plan, our tests allow healthcare providers to determine whether surgery or active surveillance is most appropriate.

Our molecular diagnostic products and services uniquely combine genomic technology, clinical science, and pathological review to provide answers that give physicians and patients a clear path forward and help avoid risky, costly surgeries that are often unnecessary.  Our experienced Molecular Pathologists provide multi-faceted reports that include treatment recommendations and algorithms based on the latest professional society guidelines.

Molecular Diagnostic Tests Currently Available

Product ThyGenX ThyraMIR PancraGEN RespriDX BarreGen
Indication Thyroid Cancer Thyroid Cancer Pancreatic & Biliary Cancer Lung Cancer Esophageal Cancer
Diagnostic Test NGS Panel for Thyroid Cancer microRNA Risk Classifier for Thyroid Cancer Risk-Stratifies, Pancreatic Cysts, Pancreaticobiliary Solid Lesions Risk of New Primary Cancer Formation vs. Metastases or Recurrence Risk-Stratifies for Esophageal Cancer
Diagnostic Report Rules In Thyroid Cancer Rules Out Thyroid Cancer Rules In and Rules Out Pancreatic or Biliary Cancer Rules In and Rules Out New Primary Cancer Formation Rules In Higher Risk of Progression of Esophageal Cancer

Detecting Cancer at the DNA Level

ThyGenNEXT® is an oncogenic mutation panel that helps identify malignant thyroid nodules.

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Increasing Preoperative Diagnostic Accuracy

ThyraMIR®v2 is a proprietary microRNA gene expression assay that helps to classify the risk of cancer in thyroid nodules.

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First Commercially Available Molecular Test for Pancreatic Cancer Risk Assessment

PancraGEN® is a pancreatic cyst and pancreaticobiliary solid lesion molecular test that helps physicians better assess the risk of pancreaticobiliary cancers using our proprietary PathFinderTG® platform. Also known as "Integrated Molecular Pathology", PancraGEN® combines the insights that come from first line testing such as serum markers (Amylase, CEA), imaging, and cytology with those derived from measuring DNA quantity, quality, and tumor suppressor genes (LOH) that are highly correlated to pancreatic cancer.

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DNA Fingerprinting to Identify Cancer Mutations

RespriDXTM is a molecular test that helps physicians differentiate metastatic or recurrent lung cancer from the presence of a newly formed primary lung cancer. RespriDXTM also utilizes our PathFinderTG ® platform to compare the genomic fingerprint of two or more sites where lung cancer tumors are present.

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Enabling Physicians to Assess the Risk of Progression to Cancer

BarreGen® is an esophageal cancer risk classifier for Barrett's Esophagus that predicts which patients with Barrett's Esophagus will progress to Esophageal cancer over time. BarreGen® also utilizes our PathFinderTG® platform.

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How They Work

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Interpace has arrangements with distributors in ex-U.S. markets to make our products available to local physicians and hospitals.

Learn more about our distributors, our novel approach to molecular diagnostic testing, or inquire about our available diagnostic products by contacting us directly.

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