Biomarkers Solutions

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Providing Genomic Insights to Improve Trial Outcomes

The integration of clinical information and drug discovery is critical to providing customized solutions for patient stratification and treatment selection. To help improve clinical trial success rates, we offer a wide range of biomarker solutions. Clinical trial customers have access to our extensive line of proprietary tests for hematological and solid-tumor cancers, as well as off-the-shelf assays. Pharma Solutions also offers an extensive portfolio of genotyping services, with access to more than 250 validated genotyping assays including Phase I and Phase II drug-metabolizing enzymes, transporters, and receptors, and more than 30 validated gene expression assays.

When it comes to clinical trials, time is of the essence. We work to provide time-sensitive trial test development, rapid proof-of-concept studies, and dependable results from early-phase initiatives.