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Cytogenetics, Anatomic Pathology and Personalized Medicine

Built on the foundation of world-class scientific knowledge and a historical legacy in cytogenetics and anatomic pathology, Interpace Pharma Solutions (IPS), is a leader in the field of personalized medicine, offering a comprehensive suite of cytogenetic and molecular pathology tests. As the list of biomarkers expands and the field of personalized medicine progresses, we strive to continue to add to our menu of clinically validated diagnostic tests. 

At IPS, we provide a wide range of fit-for-purpose services, specifically tailored to your overall scientific and clinical objectives, including optimizing and validating unique markers relevant to your clinical program. Additionally, with our comprehensive quality management system, we deliver high quality, dependable data for your study.

Histology services –We offer a wide range of histology services, from routine procedures to more highly specialized techniques, including tissue fixation, processing, sectioning, staining, immunohistochemistry, and in situ hybridization.

Anatomic Pathology Services

Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

Interpace Pharma Solutions provides full IHC capabilities accommodating a variety of analyses utilizing various platforms. Its state-of-the-art IHC laboratory is equipped with modern automation and advanced capabilities, including digital pathology.

IPS has implemented lean workflow processes that track sample custody at various steps in the IHC lab and provides metrics on performance in real-time

Our IHC portfolio includes a full range of FDA-cleared IHC-based complementary and companion diagnostics (CDx)  in support of cutting-edge immuno-oncology drugs, as well as a comprehensive library of over 200 antibodies for various IHC markers in oncology.

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Companion Diagnostics

Interpace Pharma Solutions is a Companion Diagnostics facilitator.  We work in partnership with the pharma sponsor and reagent provider to generate data for regulatory filing.  We have executed over 30 immuno-oncology studies, including inter laboratory reproducibility studies and prospective enrollment studies using IHC and RT PCR technologies.

In Situ Hybridization (ISH) and Other Special Stains

In addition to a full immunohistochemical library of antibodies, we offer both ISH and special staining with core expertise in hematological tumors and common solid tumors.

RNAscope® in situ hybridization (ISH), an Interpace Pharma Solutions services offering, can visualize, localize, and quantify gene expression within a single assay. RNAscope ISH helps advance RNA biomarker analysis in gene and cell-based therapy programs.

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State-of-the-Art Anatomic Pathology Laboratory with Significant Automation

  • Platform-agnostic: Ventana and Dako stainers
  • Digital Pathology
    • Lean workflow (Vantage) system that keeps track of sample custody at various steps in the lab and provides metrics on performance in real-time.
  • Leica Biosystems Aperio AT2 scanner, iScan Coreo scanner with Virtuoso analysis software
  • BioView scanner and image analysis system
Flow Cytometry

Interpace Pharma Solutions provides unique flow cytometry services implemented with comprehensive and customizable solutions.

Our staff is highly experienced in custom assay development and validation utilizing its broad scientific/technical expertise and our comprehensive flow cytometry (FC) platforms. We also offer a broad menu of clinically validated CLIA- and NYS-approved panels covering multiple disease states.

Our FC program includes high-sensitivity minimal residual disease (MRD) monitoring. Some of our MRD panels have established sensitivity at 0.01% and have CLIA and NYS approval.

Our industry-leading immuno-oncology panel, Complete::IO™, is the most comprehensive FC- based biomarker panel in the industry.

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Cytogenetics and Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH)

IPS offers a complete cytogenetics laboratory with karyotyping and FISH capabilities and is staffed with highly experienced professionals, with an average of 15 years of experience in cytogenetics.

Our state-of-the-art cytogenetics laboratory is equipped with automated FISH and metaphase capture stations. 

Our staff is highly experienced in various cytogenetic techniques required for handling a variety of specimen types including bone marrow (BM), peripheral blood (PB), lymph node, cerebrospinal fluid, pleural effusion, short-term cultures, etc.

Our laboratory is equipped to perform FISH analysis for 50+ probes on hematological malignancies.

We are one of the elite centers for performing CD138-enriched FISH for multiple myeloma as a result of our extensive collaboration with academic and commercial institutions.

We perform both manual and automated processing on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) solid tumor samples, including breast, lung, bladder, brain cancers and others. Most of the manual processing of FFPEs includes FDA-cleared ALK FISH for lung carcinoma and Pathvysion for breast carcinoma.

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